Tips to Make a Minimalist Kitchen


Don’t have enough space for the kitchen? It does n’t matter , you can still have a minimalist it that can actually feel more personal. A small kitchen is very fitting for you to have if you live in an apartment or small house. Having a small kitchen can actually bring many benefits, you know ! Besides it doesn’t take much time and effort to clean it, you can also save on the kitchen construction budget .

Choose Kitchen Equipment Wisely

Kitchen utensils and their friends are indeed very interesting, not only for women who like to cook, those who can’t cook or even rarely enter it seem to agree with this. Unique shapes, beautiful designs, and colorful kitchen utensils seem to be an ‘eyewash’ that can make your heart happy instantly. Impulsive habits when buying minimalist equipment and so on are one of the big problems in a small it. Before deciding to store or buy utensils, make sure you know their function well.

Reduce the Number of Cutlery

Just the two of you but have too many plates and cutlery ? Don’t do this if you have a minimalist kitchen. Hi, small kitchen owners, from now on you have to instill this concept: it’s better to have the right amount of glasses, plates, bowls, spoons and forks than to have too many and you’re confused about where to store them. What if suddenly there are a lot of guests visiting? Just buy disposable cutlery, or make visiting moments more relaxed by asking them to bring their own cutlery.

Choose Multifunctional Kitchen Appliances

Having a kitchen with a storage area full of professional equipment must be anyone’s dream, especially those of you who have a hobby of cooking. it seems you have to start thinking about multifunctional equipment. These tips will be a lifesaver for a small it so it doesn’t look too messy.

For example, when you want to fry chicken that must be submerged in hot oil, you can use the pan you usually use to cook soup. Or when you want to heat pasta, you can use the oven without having to buy a microwave.

Reduce Large Equipment

In addition to the number problem, the size issue is also something that must be considered on it. As much as possible, choose medium or small kitchen utensils, especially if it turns out that you are not the type to cook often. Besides being able to save storage space, medium or small utensils are also easier to clean, right?

Afraid your kitchen looks boring? Just do a few decorating tricks on it! You can change the interior design of it to be more beautiful, for example by adding patterned wallpaper on walls. Or give a touch to the details of it, for example by attaching some cute magnets to the refrigerator.