How to Decorate a Newborn Baby Room

baby room

For married couples who want to have a baby , they must be in the mood to make their own room for the baby in the future. Decorate a newborn baby room is indeed the most enjoyable experience. Moreover, if it is the first child. As parents, of course you want to give the best for your little one.

Designing a room can’t be done alone. Need a professional expert who can decorate beautifully. But, there’s nothing wrong if we have an idea in making a newborn baby room design. Even if it’s only for babies, every parent wants to provide comfort and a beautiful place for the child. Before making a room decoration decision , you should pay attention to the following things:


Before the baby is born, of course the doctor will tell about the gender of the baby through the ultrasound method. After knowing the gender, this can be taken into consideration when choosing a theme or nursery design. Also consider how much space will be used, and how much free time will be given by parents to the baby. The colors that are suitable for newborns should be neutral colors, such as blue, yellow, green or white.

Baby Room Location

Newborn babies are bound to cry more often. We recommend that the location of the room is a quiet location and away from the noise. Calmness is needed for the development of a newborn baby. Avoid sleeping areas that are close to the road or areas where noise can be generated.

Room Theme

Room design definitely requires a room theme. Children’s room themes can be found by googling or finding out through the baby shops visited. In addition, some bedding that will be purchased can also be a concept for the theme of the room. There are several themes that can be taken to be used as baby room decorations, namely:

1. Animal Theme

Animal themes are often used as room themes for newborns. Usually teddy bears are the type of animal that is most often used as a theme. It could also be kittens, birds, and so on. This animal theme is very easy to find, just google it or visit the baby shop, you will immediately find everything related to the theme. These themes are usually sold in the form of sheets, blankets, room accessories to wallpaper .

2. Cartoon Theme

This theme is also often used as a theme for decorating children’s rooms. Call it cartoons like Frozen, Hello Kitty, Winnie The Pooh, Snoopy, Aladdin, Donald Duck, Micky Mouse, and many more.

Well, those are some ways to decorate a newborn’s room that you can do. Good luck and make your dream nursery come true, Pins!