Modern Minimalist House Plan Ideas

minimalist house

The minimalist house trend doesn’t seem to be fading in the near future. A minimalist house does give a modern, clean, but simple impression. The minimalist home design style is currently very popular. Minimalist architecture is focused on achieving better designs through simplicity in space, materials, details, and colors.

There are many inspirational minimalist house plans that you can apply to build a house. Here are some minimalist house plan ideas below.

Small Terrace Minimalist House Plan Ideas

If you have limited land but still want to have a terrace for the children’s playroom. This is it plan inspiration is very suitable to be applied. You can choose to put a small terrace at the back of the house.

Having a house with a terrace can be used as a place of relaxation for residents of the house. By adding some greenery , you can enjoy relaxing while breathing fresh air. To give a broad impression between the dining room and the terrace.

Minimalist House Plan Ideas With Garage

The next minimalist house plan inspiration for you want to have a private carport or garage. You can put the garage on the side of the house, separate from the main door. Make a small door connecting the inside of the house with the garage without having to enter through the main door.

In order for the house to seem wider, you should not use the partition between the living room and dining room . If needed, give a bulkhead that does not cover the contents of the room too much. For example, by placing a multimedia cabinet that functions as a shadow divider as well as a place to put television and other decorations.

Minimalist Plans With Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool is certainly a source of happiness in itself, especially for children. In addition, the presence of a swimming pool and a small garden behind the house can also be a place of relaxation for you.

You can maximize the land behind the house, by making a swimming pool and also a small garden that is connected to the family lounge. You can create an adjoining bedroom between the main bedroom. With children’s bedrooms 1 and two, which are connected by a small corridor next to the kitchen.

Modern Minimalist House Plan Ideas

Another minimalist house plan inspiration is a modern style house that is very popular among millennials. This one-story house is very well used, because the entire room is used. This modern it consists of 1 bedroom, 1 children’s bedroom, 1 bathroom, living room as well as a family room that blends with the dining room.

The advantage of this minimalist house is that it is located on the top floor, with a simple wooden floor hanging garden that can also be used as a place to welcome guests. In addition, this model house usually has a carport on the ground floor .