Beautiful and Inspiring Clean Kitchen Design


To present inspirational kitchen design ideas, we must really know exactly what everyone needs in this room. In addition to requiring storage space, this area should be very well organized. So that when we move in it, we can easily find what we are looking for and need.

In Indonesia itself, the kitchen is divided into two. Here we get to know the concept of a clean it design, and also a dirty kitchen. These two types of kitchen spaces are distinguished by position and function.

Dirty Kitchen and Clean Kitchen

Dirty kitchens are usually located at the back of the house. This area is really only used for cooking activities that involve the use of many cooking elements. Meanwhile, clean kitchens are usually more integrated with other rooms. A clean kitchen is only used for light activities. Such as making tea, coffee, or simply cooking breakfast.

Nowadays, along with the development of interior design and architecture. Apart from being fully integrated, the kitchen space can be designed to be very functional and have a visually appealing appearance.

The kitchen, be it a clean, can look luxurious, elegant, and be one of the best areas to gather together. Make it an alternative to the common room, or public space other than the family room .

Clean Kitchen Design Inspiration

To be able to have an idea of ​​what a clean kitchen design that is functional, well-organized, and inspirational looks like.


There are several clean kitchen design concepts that are commonly known. One of the most popular is the walk-in pantry . The walk in pantry is a small room with drawers, shelves , and a few tables (not mandatory).

The walk-in-pantry does not have to be the focal point of the area, but its role is very important. Although many people still prefer to design their pantry to the same standards as the main kitchen, this pantry design is something that could be different. A walk-in pantry is suitable for those who want to store large amounts of food.

Regarding a clean kitchen and pantry , although there is no difference in ideas and ideas. A clean it will better accommodate the needs of Indonesian homes and culture.