Tips for Building an Eco Friendly Bathroom


As the most water-intensive room, you have to be careful in building a bathroom. The goal is that the function of the room can continue to run without damaging the environment. Instead of being confused, consider the following tips for building an eco-friendly bathroom , come on !

Focus on Natural Ventilation in the Bathroom

Usually the shower and toilet areas are built with windows or small openings. This causes the room to require additional lighting from electric lights.

For that, reshuffle the openings in this area to be bigger and open. This allows light and air to have freer access to the room. The effect, the use of lights can be reduced and the room will not be too humid.

Replace the Lamp with an LED Type

The next step, replace the lights in the room with LED types. That said, this type is more energy efficient even though the light is bright. The intensity of the bright light can also help reduce the risk of accidents in the shower and toilet area. No need to worry, the price of LED lights is quite affordable, really .

Use the Shower in the Bathroom

Not many people realize that using a shower is actually more water efficient and practical. The reason is, you can adjust the water discharge that comes out according to your needs.

You also don’t have to worry about dirt that settles or mosquito larvae like if you use a bathtub. Showers can also be a land-efficiency solution for small bathroom areas.

Use Automatic Faucets That Have Sensors

Consciously or not, you may often leave the water tap on while washing your face or have enough. This is a factor that makes the faucet the next source of water wastage.

If you have a habit like this, try changing the faucet to an automatic faucet. This type is usually equipped with a sensor that will automatically shut off the flow of water when it is not in use.

Put Plants to Freshen the Bathroom

So that you don’t need to use air freshener, put plants in the bathroom. You can choose the type of plant that does not need a lot of light to live and has a fragrant aroma.

Not only refreshing, this plant will be a decorative accent in the room. Also make sure to choose the right pot so that it is strong enough to withstand changing bathroom temperatures .