minimalist bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Remodeling on a Limited Budget

minimalist bathroom

The minimalist bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house that requires special care and attention. How not, every day, the bathroom is used with a fairly frequent intensity by the residents of the house. Therefore, care is needed to keep the bathroom clean, comfortable, and looking fresh.

Before renovating a modern minimalist bathroom, there are several things you need to pay attention to, including the size of the bathroom, the design you want to apply, pictures of the bathroom as a reference, choosing the right bathroom designer, bathroom interior, and the material you want to use. These five things will certainly greatly affect the amount of funds needed to renovate your minimalist bathroom.

Let’s break it down. Why do you need to plan the size of the bathroom carefully? Because, this will determine how much material or materials are needed. For example, how many pieces of ceramic material are needed to cover the floor and walls of your minimalist bathroom? Also, how much paint and cement do you need? Of course you have to know the breadth first, right?

Wall and Floor Ceramics

You can choose ceramic materials to be installed on the walls and floors of a minimalist bathroom. For walls, ceramic serves to make the walls easier to clean and not easy to mold. Not only that, ceramic walls will also give a luxurious impression to the design.

However, if later you feel bored with the color or pattern of ceramics, then you have to replace it entirely. For that, you can work around this by coating some walls with ceramics, and others just plain paint. For wall paint, you should choose a bright color. Just use one color or it can be combined with a gradation of a lighter or slightly older color.


Which is better, a sitting toilet or a squat toilet? When viewed in terms of convenience, then the answer depends on when you use it. However, if you want to make your minimalist bathroom design look more elegant, then choose a toilet seat.


Shower is the right choice for a minimalist bathroom because it does not require a large space . Using a shower to clean the body can also save more water, you know. To avoid splashing water from wetting the entire floor, you can use a glass partition in the shower area .

Complementary Furniture

Don’t forget the complementary furniture for your minimalist bathroom, such as towel hangers, tissue hangers, soap holders, and bath plate racks. Do not be underestimated, without this complementary furniture, your bathroom will look messy with items that are not neatly arranged.…