How to Pick a Right Contractor for Contemporary Wine Cellars


Deciding to build a cellar is a big decision, emotionally and financially. A cellar is an investment in your home and lifestyle. It will mean uncomfortable albeit temporary changes in your home, especially during the building time. Choosing the right contractor is vital. Not just for getting the job done right and at a reasonable price but also for ensuring the aesthetics match your expectations. You could start on a smaller scale and order a wine cooler. It is a good starting point for caring for your wine collection and learning about wine’s likes and dislikes. There is more to maintaining wine than just putting it into a wine fridge, even if it is a tall narrow fridge integrated into your bespoke cabinetry. Wine is a fickle and delicate creation and needs proper care and attention.

Temperature and Humidity

Wine needs a properly regulated storage temperature and carefully controlled humidity. This aspect needs discussion with your contractor at the first meeting. Any fluctuations in either will damage the wine’s integrity. Storage racks deserve consideration. Wooden shelves are recommended due to their vibration-suppressing properties. Wood is also gentler on bottles and labels, preventing unsightly damage. Your cellar is not for mere storage, as you are sure to invite guests for a little tour and perhaps a tasting. A mixture of shelving will turn your cellar into a wine showcase, and cleverly done will also give the impression of always being well-stocked. A designer working with you and your builder is the best route to getting the best of all possibilities.

Aesthetic Wine Storage

Cellar lighting is another crucial part of good wine maintenance. The term “light struck” is used when light disrupts the phenolic compounds in wine, and too much of the wrong light can also lead to oxidation. Both of these result in wasted wine. Your cellar needs to have an ambience without the heat put out by general lighting. LED lights are the safest choice to have visibility with minimal heat and create the perfect atmosphere. Extra-special bottles are highlighted with some judicious LED backlighting for added effect. LEDs are gentle enough that they can be placed closer to your bottles without any danger of harming your wine. A tasting area is worth considering as a social place to sample while enjoying the view. Your designer will use several techniques to match your chosen aesthetic and lifestyle. These little touches make your cellar a haven from the world.

Check for Regulations

Cellars used to be boring, underground storage areas. Many modern cellars are dedicated rooms sharing the home’s living space. They can even be part of everyday living, with some families using their cellar rooms as entertainment areas. If you choose the traditional underground version with a modern twist, a structural engineer will be necessary to comply with your area’s regulations. There are challenges to every renovation process, and checking the reputation of the intended company doing the work must happen before it begins. Your local council will have a list of approved building contractors, which will also help to check online reviews of work done by them. Established companies are the best option for getting builders you can work with and who will do quality work. They will also comply with any regulations and get the necessary permissions. If you can, be a part of the process at each step; otherwise, hire a project manager who will. This project needs a lot of attention to every detail. After all – this is not just a cellar you’re building – it’s your sanctuary. Cin Cin!